Meditation Various meditation techniques can be used to focus attention and calm the mind from distractions such as chronic pain. At this point, there is little data on the effects of meditation on migraines. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, in Baltimore, which is involved in a clinical trial trying to determine whether Vipassana – an ancient Indian meditation technique that focuses on the mind – can reduce the frequency and severity of migraines and improve the overall quality of life. A little research on migraine sufferers find that spiritual meditation reduces headache frequency and pain tolerance better than secular meditation and muscle relaxation.

7. Yoga

A little research about the headaches involved two groups of migraine patients were randomly assigned to yoga therapy for three months. The results, compared with the control group, the yoga participants experienced fewer headache attacks.

8. Relaxation exercises Manfaat daun pepaya

Take a deep breath, relax listening to music or using mental imagery, can help people relax and avoid possible headaches. This finding needs further research.

However, a study of 90 headache sufferers find that relaxation training can improve the quality of sleep is better than acupuncture.cara memerahkan bibir


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